L.Zotiades Spirits

L. Zotiades Trading & Consulting Ltd now proudly offers to the Cyprus market the KAVALAN spirits of Whisky & Gin. KAVALAN whisky is well known having special smoothness and taste due to the world class purity of water from the local mountain range and the subtropical climate in which it matures.

Furthermore, KAVALAN whiskies already received multiple worthwide awards. These trophies include awards in worthwide spirits competition such as "The International Wine and Spirits Competition", "World Whiskies Awards", "San Francisco World Spirits Competition" and the "International Spirits Challenge".

Recently, KAVALAN distillery has won the Best Distillery of the Year award in 2017. KAVALAN is now placing in the market a special quality Gin in a uniquely designed bottle.

Indulge yourself in the KAVALAN spirits!



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